About Us

Our interest in skincare started when we began to see changes in the way our skin looked and acted. The changes made us wonder what we could do to protect and maintain our own skin. After becoming completely bewildered by the number of options and differing opinions on what constitutes good skincare, we realized that only one measure of success matters: "Is it good for the long-term health of your skin?"

Our Philosophy

Medical research tells us that chronic inflammation is at the root of almost all skin aging. So the goal of all skincare should be to minimize this. Yet many skincare products have the potential to elicit irritation and inflammation.

Our goal in developing Alexiares & Ani was to offer effective formulas that can achieve the visible results you desire without risking irritation, sensitizing your skin or causing inflammation.

Our concepts are simple:

  • We make products that work with your skin's natural defenses, not against them
  • We avoid harsh ingredients that would otherwise compromise your natural barrier
  • We build balance into our products to nurture tolerance in your skin
  • We use ingredients with a long history of skin benefits that have undergone clinical study to show long-term visible improvements
  • We favor natural botanical and mineral extracts for their incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • We target skin tone, texture, elasticity, firmness, lines and wrinkles, under-eye circles and puffiness, pigmentation, exfoliation and proper cellular function

These concepts combine to make our skincare treatments some of the most thoughtful and holistic skincare available, and will help you to achieve balanced, healthy, glowing skin.


Our products are manufactured in California by expert formulators with over 4 decades of experience producing skincare for consumers and specialists.

What Next?

If you're new to skincare, I suggest you start with finding out what your skin-type really is. Take a quick test to make sure you set off on the right path.

If you'd like to know a little more about how we make our skincare gentle, read our Formulation Philosophy.



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