"6 Steps To Starting Skincare At Any Age"

6 Steps To Starting Skincare At Any Age


There are principles of skincare that are so basic to skin health that they apply to people of all ages. For healthy skin do the following!

Skin is susceptible to damage from UV radiation from the sun. Healthy skin requires protection with broad-spectrum SPF 15-30, every day. Skin health can’t be separated from unhealthy lifestyle habits, so quitting smoking, exercising and sweating regularly, a balanced diet, enough water, control of stress and adequate sleep are essential to healthy skin whatever your age. Avoid glycation of Elastin & Collagen by avoiding excessive sugar. And because free radical damage is an ongoing process that never lets up, we recommend antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients in your diet and on your skin at all ages!

Skincare Priorities By Decade


Most teenagers suffer from acne as a direct result of hormonal changes. The prevalence of teen acne makes it sound contradictory, but teen skin is actually very good at keeping the aging processes at bay. Teen sebum and sweat combine to protect your skin and keep it healthy and supple.

Aside from issues with acne, teen skin usually just requires regular cleansing. Which includes removing makeup before you sleep! If your skin is dry you may require a light moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.


Remember that your eyes are often the first to show signs of age. The skin around the eyes is the most difficult to improve once it starts to age, so take preventative care with a suitable eye gel or cream. If you notice your skin becoming drier, use a slightly heavier moisturizer. Also your skin may be becoming less tolerant of weather changes. Think about adjusting your regimen as the seasons change or when you travel.


Most people first notice signs of skin aging in their thirties. This often causes a rush to skincare; the most important treatments are: continued focus on a healthy lifestyle, cleansing and SPF, and a new emphasis on increasing cellular turnover. At some point in your thirties, your skin cells tend to decrease the pace at which they multiply. Gentle exfoliating 1-3 times a week can help to re-engage that process and using a Retinol product at night will take that further: boosting the Elastin and Collagen that keep your skin firm.

In your thirties you will also start to notice improvements from intense treatments like a nourishing masque applied after exfoliating. Use a masque as a pick-me-up when your are not at your best, or a bi-weekly ritual.


Accumulated exposure to UV starts to challenge your skin’s texture and tone, and as your skin ages it produces less sebum, making it more dry each year. Selectively seek: exfoliators and Vitamin C for skin pigmentation; Retinol and Collagen-targeting peptides for skin firmness; and heavier moisturizers to maintain texture.

You will find special treatments like masques more and more beneficial as your skin loses it’s ability to bounce back like it used to. Now more than ever focus on exercise, adequate sleep and finding ways to control the level of stress in your life.


Hopefully the stress in your life is easing as you take life in your stride! Apart from the now routine maintenance you use to slow the processes of aging, remember that your skin is losing it’s ability to moisturize itself, and help it with regular use of moisturizer. As your skin thins, lighten up on exfoliators every so slightly, to be sure not to irritate your skin which may be becoming more sensitive. Additionally increased sensitivity should be accompanied with increased use of anti-inflammatory ingredients, to soothe your skin.

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