"How The Sun Sees You"

We've found the perfect follow up to our last post - Is It Possible To Tan Without Damaging My Skin? Thomas Leveritt has taken a camera that records Ultraviolet light, instead of the visible light spectrum, and used it to clearly show the cumulative damage that UV radiation can do to our skin BEFORE it is visible to us. With this camera it is possible to see uneven absorption of UV light, even on someone who exhibits beautifully even-toned skin to our naked eyes.


Because UV light can penetrate the surface of our skin Thomas' UV camera is looking through the skin's surface to the layers below. It is clear that young skin exhibits very little of these invisible freckles, but adult skin has often been damaged. And Thomas gives us visual proof that even though sunscreen looks clear it has the ability to block UV light!

{ Fact: SPF30 provides 97% protection from UV }
{ Geekcheck: Note that the video talks about how sunscreen "blocks UV". Traditional sunscreens absorb UV energy and mineral sunscreens reflect UV energy. The sunscreen being used in the video is actually absorbing the UV energy, which is why the faces appear black! }

Thanks Thomas for showing us what we couldn't see by ourselves!


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