"It's Not a Destination, It's a Journey"

Hello and welcome to the first post on Pilgrim & Pony!

This is going to be where we'll talk about skincare science and issues, as well as things like news and promotions. Check back regularly to keep up to date. Wondering why we've called our blog Pilgrim & Pony? Read on!


When we first became interested in skincare we were sceptical about what it could actually do for us. So we set out to discover what could realistically be done and what couldn't, utilizing only skincare. Without surgery or other invasive treatments.

Along the way we found out what skincare is actually for, what it is capable of, why some things work and some don’t, and how different each person’s skin can be.


On our journey we noticed that, although the science behind skincare can be very complex the basic realities of skin and what it reacts to, are concepts that can be understood by anyone. Remembering our initial doubt, and the misinformation we had to wade through to get to where we are now, we vowed to try our best to help people understand some of the truths we have come to know.

So here is the first and most fundamental truth;

“Skincare is really just products or treatments that supplement the natural protective and restorative qualities your skin already possesses.”

Now I know that sentence sounds both obvious and complicated, but read it one more time and emphasize the word "supplement".

What we like about this sentence is that it reminds us that skincare needs to work with our skin. If you start to think of skincare as supplement instead of cure; you stop expecting your skin to just be fixed and you start to become interested in how your skin responds to things.


This is going to be the key to helping you look after your own skin! Give things time, learn what your skin reacts positively to and what it doesn't like. Start to think of your skincare routine as taking steps toward healthier skin, because healthy skin is going to not only look great but feel great - and regain the tolerance that young skin has to the things life throws at it. (A tip here: don’t jump to conclusions about your skin's responses- it might not be what you first suspect!)

When you get used to the idea of your skincare as supplementary, you will start to look out for what we call balance, because too much of something can be just as detrimental as too little.


Finding the right balance for your skin is an ongoing process, and it's the reason we called this blog "Pilgrim and Pony". It's a reminder to try to stay attuned and to always search for better understanding. Like pilgrims we are on a journey, but we didn't start out just to arrive somewhere and stay put. Our goal is to keep moving!

We're not seasoned bloggers and we’re definitely not big on convention, so don’t tell us what we’re doing that’s different, tell us what’s better, so we can improve as we go! We promise it’ll be an interesting journey. 

One of us tends to geek out about the science, while the other rolls her eyes. We’ll try to strike a balance!

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