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"Everything you Don't Already Know about the Sun and your Skin"

November 02, 2015


The sun warms our planet, powers photosynthesis and even helps you manufacture your own Vitamin D3. You couldn't exist without it, but when it comes to aging the sun is, by far, your skin’s worst enemy...

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"How to Strengthen your Natural Barrier"

September 25, 2015


Your skin's natural defense against external elements and dehydration is the lipids (fatty substances) between the cells at the outer surface of your skin. This 'natural barrier' can be challenged by anything that upsets the balance of your natural oils...

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"Why Skin-Type Matters"

June 08, 2015

I'm sure you know that 'skin-type' is the measure of how much natural oil your skin produces. And you know that skincare products and procedures are often broken down by skin-type because it's the most fundamental skin classification. Take the skin-type test below and I'll tell you why misdiagnosing your skin-type can have serious consequences...

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